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  • NX-100AP Rapid Air Purifier NX-100AP Rapid Air Purifier

    NX-100AP Rapid Air Purifier

    Exhale and breathe easily, assured that your office, classroom or large space (up to 130m2) is healthier and more productive, with the NEW NX Rapid Air Purifier. Built with an industry leading, 5-Stage H13 HEPA air purification system, it will work hard in the background filtering out 99.9% of airborne, harmful pathogens, odours and other air impurities down to 0.3 microns. Feature rich, and controlled via the NX Home App, its realtime Laser Particle Sensor and PM2.5 Auto Sense Detection System, will adjust to changing conditions, via its Auto-Mode function, delivering exceptional performance you can rely on.
  • NX-100AP Air Purifier Filter

    NX-100AP Air Purifier Filter

    Replacement H13 HEPA Filter for NX-100AP Air Purifier.
    Captures 99.9% of microscopic particles like bacteria, mould spores, smoke, pollen and other allergens.